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Dan Jamati has been a golf coach for more than 20 years and is a member in good standing of the PGA of America.  His tremendous passion for the game and great understanding of people has allowed him to create a fun and relaxed learning environment for his students.


Prior to venturing out on his own, Dan was Director of Instruction for the Palo Alto Golf Course for 8 years, where he developed teaching programs and clinics for golfers of every age and experience level. As a Palo Alto native, he is strongly committed to supporting the local adult and youth programs.


Dan’s desire to grow his understanding of the game has led him to various PGA seminars where he has been able to learn from, and develop personal relationships with top coaches and influencers in the game.  However, Dan finds that his most invaluable education still comes from the hands-on coaching of students of all skill levels and ages.


In 2010, after 30 years of affection for the sport, Dan started his own coaching practice where he can now focus his true love of building relationships with people and life through the game of golf.



Dan lives with his family in Palo Alto.  He is in the process of instilling the love of the game in his four(!) young children by introducing them to golf before they can even walk.  


In his "free time", Dan is also a talented artist and enjoys painting with acrylics.  He has had the pleasure of showing his art locally, but presently works mostly with washable crayola.  


Dan spends two days a week with his kids, and can be found at beaches or parks along the peninsula on those days.


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