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Dan believes that every person already has a natural golf swing, one which is aligned with their body’s inherent design.  This natural swing is generally affected by the fundamental relationship between balance and tension.  Tension in the body creates off-balance swings, leading to less solid contact with the ground and ball, and subsequently, inconsistent play.   


In order to achieve the right tension and balance, Dan grounds his lessons in Posture, Grip, Aim (PGA) techniques, which help his students create a rock-solid foundation for balance throughout their swing.  Students will also learn to develop an awareness of how the mind creates excessive tension in the body before, and during their golf swing.


Dan's philosophy as a coach is to create a comfortable, non-judgemental, learning environment for each of his students while they explore the vital link between balance and tension.  Various practice techniques are encouraged for golfers to learn how to check the way balance and tension interact with their body.  This in turn will enhance their natural swing in the six areas of the game - Full-swing, Chipping, Pitching, Putting, Sand and Awareness (all which are equally important).


..It was amazing how you changed your explanations to my way of thinking and showed me the golf swing in a more natural positive way.  - Steve G
...I’m especially fond of the way he approaches golf: he is great with mechanics of the swing, but I like how we’ve really focused on things like setup, balance and relaxation to get the most out of my own ability...   John B
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